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2) MB QUART RLP304 12″ 1200W Car Shallow Slim Mount Subwoofers Subs Audio Woofer Review

2) MB QUART RLP304 12″ 1200W Car Shallow Slim Mount Subwoofers Subs Audio Woofer Review

2) MB QUART RLP304 12" 1200W Car Shallow Slim Mount Subwoofers Subs Audio Woofer Review

Slim Great Sound Car Subwoofer

When we are talking about the subwoofer for a car, it means that it must have the proper size which is not really that big so that it would not take much space in the car. Then, the MB QUART RLP-304 in 12” has what the people need. The size of this device is not really big.

That is designed in a slim body for the convenient on installing them. For the size, it is only 12 inches. Then, even though it offers the small size with the slim body of subwoofer, this device still provides the great quality sound for a car, including for a limited space cabin of the car.

Specs and Features

  • This offer the feature of the coils of dual voice.
  • This device also has the sensitivity of 86 dB, Impedances of 4Ohm, and the response of frequency of about 25 up to 160Hz.
  • This subwoofer pf RLP 304 also offers the Power of RMW about 300watts for each part or about 600watt for 2 pairs.
  • That also uses the cone woofer of the injection molded polypropylene with the foam surround.
  • Provide the compact installation with the shallow mounts.


Pros and Cons


  • It has a slim and compact design which is suitable for in car use.
  • The easy to install device.
  • compact installation
  • Great quality sound which also sounds so clear


  • The product is a little bit hard to find.


What Others Are Saying ?

This subwoofer of MB QUART RLP-304 is really convenient to be installed and to be obtained. That offers the great design which is really compact when it is installed in the car. However, the sound does work well as well which can produce the clean and also clear quality to be enjoyed. If you have a small size car, then it will help you to save much space on getting a quality sound. Then, even for a medium or great car, the sound offer the clear quality even to its every seat in the car.

There are also so many users who feel satisfied with this subwoofer product. Then, for this product of MB QUART RLP-304, I saw many customer gave five stars. Sure, all of them gave five stars for this product. So, it means this product obtained the perfect score, which is 5 stars of 5. Most of them said that the product has a good design, which is compact and easy to install. Then, the sound also offers the great quality.



In conclusion, the product of MB QUART RLP-304 in 12 inches offers the great design and quality of sound. If you are looking for not only a good quality sound of the subwoofer, but also the great design of the subwoofer to be installed in the car, this will be such a good choice.