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How To Bridge Subwoofers Together ?

Knowing how to bridge subwoofers together is something really beneficial because once you know how to do it, enjoying music will be so much better. Bridging subwoofers is one of the best ways to wire multiple subwoofers and turn it into a single channel amplifier or what so called mono amplifier. This bridging process is also capable to be used with a multiple-channel amp in order to add more power which is sent to every speaker available. Before you try to install a subwoofer, you need to know first about how to bridge subwoofers together. It is because if you do not know how to bridge it, you can ruin the setup of the subwoofers and improper setup is really going to damage the equipment severely

How To Bridge Subwoofers Together ?

  1. Examine the Subwoofers and Amplifier

All you need to do in the first step is making sure that the subwoofers and amplifier can be bridged safely. If there is any resistance or impedance, you need to make sure that they are safe. Then, begin try to separate the impedance into two halves. They are for both of the subwoofers that you are about to bridge.

How To Bridge Subwoofers Diagram Together

  1. Start Wiring

The second thing you need to do is collecting all the wires that are necessary for the bridging process. If you want to bridge 2 subwoofers of single voice coil (SVC) using a single channel amp, the things that you need to prepare is red stereo wire (positive wire) and also negative stereo wire (black). Make both of the at least 2 lengths.

  1. Do the First Subwoofer

Start wiring the first subwoofer. You need to running the red wire connected to the positive terminal of the amp and then connect it to the speaker’s positive terminal. After that, do the negative terminal. Run the black wire connected to the negative terminal of the amp and then connects it to the speaker’s negative terminal.

  1. Do the Second Subwoofer

You need to wire the second subwoofer to the first one. To do that, run a red wire between both of the positive terminals located on the speakers of the first subwoofer and second subwoofer. Then, do the same exact thing with the black wire located between the negative terminals. After you done doing this, the subwoofers are bridged because the subwoofers are connected to one another now. Knowing how to bridge subwoofers together like this is really necessary in life anyway.