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How To Fix a Blown Subwoofer Voice Coil ?

You need to know how to fix a blown subwoofer voice coil because a blown subwoofer is really ruining the audio quality of the music goes through the subwoofer. There will be unpleasant sounds coming from the subwoofer and it is not enjoyable at all. That is why you need to know how to fix the subwoofer. Below are the steps of fixing the subwoofer so that you will know exactly the proper way how to fix a blown subwoofer voice coil.

How To Fix a Blown Subwoofer Voice Coil ?

  1. The Equipments You Need

Before you start fixing the blown subwoofer, you need to prepare the equipments. First of all, you need a screwdriver. This tool is going to be used to crack open the subwoofer. Then, you need a reconing kit. Reconing kit is a set of equipment used to fix blown subwoofer. Usually, in a reconing kit, there will be glue, surround, cone, spider, and voice coil in it. Then, you also need a putty knife, a soldering iron, and a compressed air. If you cannot find reconing kit, you can find the part of the reconing kit separately.


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How To Fix a Blown Subwoofer Voice Coil

  1. The Fixing Process

The fixing process of the blown subwoofer starts by removing the speaker from the enclosure. You can do that by get rid of the mounting screws that keep the speaker on its place. After the speaker can be removed from the enclosure, you need to unplug the entire attached wires. Make sure that all of them are disconnected. After that, scrap the surround the speaker frame using putty knife. You need to make sure that there is no glue or surround get left on the frame. Next, remove the speaker cone and the voice coil as well. After that, remove the spider. Remember to make sure the terminal wires are cut. Then, insert the new voice coil into the voice coil gap and also the cone. Around the voice coil, put the spider. To make the cone attached properly, use glue and attached to cone properly. Leave it for 24 hours to dry. After 24 hours, it is time to take care the wire. Connect the wires from the terminal to the cone and then secure them with solder. Last but not least, you need to remount the speaker and check if the subwoofer can work properly. Before you turn the subwoofer on, make sure the screws are all replaced and the wires are connected. Then, it’s done and that is how to fix a blown subwoofer voice coil.

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