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4 Steps How To Make / Build a Ported Subwoofer Box Yourself at Home

For those people liking making sound system, they absolutely have understood about the speaker. To make the position of speaker comfortable and easy to move, you need to make a subwoofer box. The box is useful to make the speaker sound produced loudly. You can do it yourself at home. These are several steps on how to make / build a subwoofer box.

4 Steps How To Make / Build a Subwoofer Box

Planning the Budget of Making a Subwoofer Box

When you want to make or build a subwoofer box, make sure that you have planned the budget of making it. The average budget is usually lower than the ready subwoofer box that can be bought in the store. But, the quality of your own subwoofer box is same as the ready box. You have to estimate the budget to buy high quality materials and equipments needed to produce an excellent quality of subwoofer box.

How To Make Build a Subwoofer Box

Organizing the Time of Making Subwoofer Box

The process of making subwoofer box needs the range time 1.5 to 2 hours in which it will not spend your much time for that box making process. The project can be conducted longer or shorter than the range time depending on your desire, skills, equipments, materials, and designs of that subwoofer box. Make sure to plan the average time on how to make a subwoofer box.

Preparing the Materials and Equipments to Make a Subwoofer Box

The next step is preparing all materials and equipments needed. Those include carving saw, electric bor, screwdrivers, medium density fiberboard, drywall screwdrivers, panhead, carpenter glue, silicone caulk, speaker cup terminal, and non caulk rope. You can find it in the sound system stores.

Selecting Subwoofer Design

When you want to make a subwoofer box, you should be careful and observe the refenced size by box producers. If you have a limited area to place the speaker, you have to consider making small to medium size subwoofer box. You should know the real size of subwoofer box needed for the maximum ability of subwoofer. To make the box, you have determined the depth of box and add 2 inch. Then, take the minimum height and width of subwoofer box. Measure the diameter of frame woofer and check template of setting. Sketch your computer in which it needs the chosen dimension. You can pick out the desirable subwoofer design, round or square box. The subwoofer box design depends on the necessity and taste of box maker. Those are several steps to do on how to make / build a subwoofer box.