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Kenwood KFC-XW800F – 8″ Subwoofer Review

Kenwood KFC-XW800F – 8″ Subwoofer Review

Kenwood KFC-XW800F - 8 Subwoofer Review

Big and Powerful Bass

The quality of your car audio will be affected by several factors, one of which is the performance of the subwoofer. Kenwood KFC-XW800F – 8 “Subwoofer can certainly provide an extra beating of your car’s sound system. This will give depth to the music sound by providing accurate bass vibrations to complement the high-frequency tracks.

It is very slim and very powerful with a peak power of 600 watts and a power range of 150 watts RMS.


Kenwood KFC-XW800F – 8 “Subwoofer delivers serious and whole-hearted bass output in your car or truck. This has a shallow mounting depth, about 2-3 / 4″, so you can install it as creative as possible.

Carbon-glass Fiber Composite Cone

The composite cone with butyl surround provides rapid response in requiring conditions without flexing. Rubber surrounds will retain control over the cone. This will minimize the distortion caused by resonance.

A cast aluminum basket gives rock-solid housing with plenty of ventilation to keep the heat down, for a long-lasting reliability.

Features and Specifications

  • Kenwood KFC-XW800F – 8 “Subwoofer is flat, approximately 40% slimmer than standard subwoofer so it is ideal to install in tight spaces.
  • An advanced heat transfer system is designed particularly for slim design to provide proper ventilation to keep the woofer cool down.
  • The woofer uses a pair of silver-plated spring terminals to connect the speaker cable to your amplifier.

Pros and Cons


  • Its small size and flat can be installed anywhere even under the seat.
  • With the right amp and enclosure, Kenwood KFC-XW800F – 8 “Subwoofer approached audiophile sound quality.


  • It only has a single voice coil so it cannot be flexible and parallel.
  • This subwoofer is using a sealed box and ported box so the efficiency is limited and there is no control tuning frequency if you are using a ported box.


What Others Are Saying ?

Kenwood KFC-XW800F – 8 “subwoofer has an amazing voice which you can install anywhere. It is a great choice if you have limited space but you want to have a loud voice. It has a high-quality carbon fiber cone with a thick rubber surround.

There is one of the customer said that this sub is inefficient, because without a sub-frequency boost, it will barely be heard. However, it seems that only he himself experienced it so maybe he installed it in a wrong way or something like that. Meanwhile, others give very positive reviews and thoroughly impressed with the bass amount in this subwoofer.


To sum up, Kenwood KFC-XW800F – 8 “subwoofer provides amazing sound according to your expectations. It is very easy to mod without taking up much space.