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How to Measure Speaker Size ?

How to Measure Speaker Size ?

Getting info of how to measure speaker size might be something not that really difficult because we can search the information from any kinds of sources, as like the online sources. That will be such a good idea for you to know if you are really interested in dealing with anything with your own hands which means you are always interested in the DIY projects including on upgrading the speakers or even for anything which you might need to do for dealing with that sound system in your place. That can also be a good idea as well if you are going to improve the audio system in your car and you can find the ideas on how to do that project. That will also be great if you want to make your own one. Of course, it means you have to know the ways on how to measure it. That will be such a good idea for you to get the info about how to measure speaker size.

Removing the Panel Clip

How to Measure Speaker Size

Before you are looking for the steps on dealing with how to measure the size of your speakers that will be required for you to remove the clip which is located on the panel. That might be something tricky but what you need to do is being so careful on removing the clip. What you need to do here is of course you have to remove the bolt and also the screw. Perhaps, it is not difficult but you have to be really careful so that it would not damage your speaker.

Start Measuring the Speaker

Another thing which you have to do carefully is about measuring it. Then, of course the question will be how to measure speaker size. That is so simple but you have to know which one you should measure actually. What you need to measure is the diameter of the main circle of the speaker in which it becomes the main part which produces the audio. So, you can measure its diameter. Be careful on measuring it so that you will get the exact size of your speaker for avoiding buying the wrong size speaker which would not fit properly. It means you need to measure it completely on the centre.

Determining the Proper Replacement

When we have measured the size of the speaker, then we can simply hunt the better speaker which can be suitable the most to yours. There are some possible sizes which you need to notice before you are hunting. They are 4×6 inches, 4 inches, 4.5 inches, 5×7 inches, 5 inches, 5¼ inches, and some other. You can also discuss it first to the seller if you have been measured based on the steps of how to measure speaker size above.