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Skar Audio VD-12 D2 12″ 500W RMS Dual 2 VD Series Subwoofer Review

Skar Audio VD-12 D2 12″ 500W RMS Dual 2 VD Series Subwoofer Review

Skar Audio VD-12 D2 12" 500W RMS Dual 2 VD Series Subwoofer Review

Powerful yet Versatile Subwoofer

There are so many ideas of subwoofer which we can choose, as like Skar Audio VD12-D2. That has the various good things which can be enjoyed including the audio which is really interesting to be enjoyed. Sure, it offers the great power of the sound. The powerful sound makes this subwoofer totally works properly.

Then, we also can consider its versatility which also becomes the one of most essential benefits to be enjoyed from this subwoofer product. When we are dealing with the mounting issue or the space commonly, this subwoofer has got it is solved well. That becomes a good way for providing a good versatility regarding to this subwoofer product.


Specs and Features

  • The RMS of this Skar Audio VD12-D2subwoofer is 500watts; with its peak power is about 800watts.
  • This is the dual subwoofer which is shallow mounting with 2 Ohms.
  • This uses the paper cone which is pressed.
  • It has the design of shallow mount. The depth of the subwoofer mounting is 4.41.
  • This offers the electrical factor of 0.62.
  • The frequency of resonance for this subwoofer is about 35.3Hz.


Pros and Cons


  • This subwoofer of Skar Audio VD12-D2 offers the great and powerful sound.
  • It also offers the great versatility, especially on dealing with the space or mounting depth.
  • This subwoofer also offers less of noise of its sound.
  • The easy to install including for dealing with the depth.
  • This subwoofer product has a low price compared to the similar products.


  • Some users find problems on dealing with the intake of the power.


What Others Are Saying ?

We say that this Skar Audio VD12-D2 subwoofer offers the great versatility especially on dealing with the installation duty and task. If you are worrying about the space or the depth of the mounting, you do not need to be worried. Then, the sound also has a great quality one which is totally that powerful. In addition, it offers the wide ranges of the benefits there. That can be seen from the reviews of the customers which said that this product totally works well with its great design and sound. However, some of the reviewers also give the negative feedback regarding to this. One of them says that it is about the volume and power which is disappointing. Then, the other negative scores come from their failure on dealing with its size so that it does not match to their car. Based on our research of many reviews around the web, we found that the lowest average rating for this product is at 3.9 stars of 5.



In conclusion, Skar Audio VD12-D2 is a cheap subwoofer with its good enough quality of the sound. Then it also has the versatile design for dealing with the issue of the depth. Still, it is good for you to measure it first before ordering.