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What is the Best Wood to Use for Subwoofer Box?

What is the Best Wood to Use for Subwoofer Box?

The question of “what is the best wood to use for subwoofer box?” is often heard everywhere. Having a subwoofer will not get complete if you do not own the subwoofer box. The subwoofer box can be bought in a lot of stores including in the place you get the subwoofer. However, you can also make your own subwoofer box because actually it is just like a wooden box that you can make it seconds. You have to know the best wood to use for the subwoofer box so that it will enhance the performance of the subwoofer itself. Below is answer of “the best wood to use for subwoofer box?”.

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What is the Best Wood to Use for Subwoofer Box

  1. MDF Wood

MDF stands for Medium-Density Fiberboard. This kind of composite wood is often used in manufacturing cabinets, door parts, furniture, millwork, flooring, and so on.  This MDF is a composite wood which means that the wood is manufactured. It also means that the wood is not created from a only one kind of wood. This MDF wood is very easy to get and it is famous for its strength and durability. This MDF wood is the most ideal wood to be used in making sub woofer boxes. The MDF wood is very strong and durable. Beside of that, it is quite thick so that it won’t resonate with the sound produced by the subwoofer. There will be no distortion at all if you use MDF subwoofer box. The best thickness that you can get for subwoofer box is about an inch thick. This MDF wood is totally weather resistance and it will make your subwoofer more durable as well.

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  1. Plywood

Beside MDF, plywood is also good for making subwoofer box. The wood is lighter than MDF and the density is not as good as MDF. However, it is strong and sturdy enough to be formed into a subwoofer box. Make sure that the plywood you choose is the one with no flaws because this kind of wood is actually easy to get drilled and if you buy a plywood, make sure it hasn’t been drilled yet because you do not want holes all over the subwoofer box.

Beside MDF wood and plywood, there are still a lot of woods that you can use to make subwoofer box. Make sure you only use the best kind of wood you get from the stores so that you can build the subwoofer box properly and end the question of question.